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Welcome to my site!

Everyone else has a web site these days, so I figured, why not me, too?

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What's New?

i might add an entry whenever i visit the site.or just whenever i do sumthin new...hrmm...decisions decisions...

7.18.02-putting some more pics..a month from today was like one of the best day of my life..if u wanna kno just ask me.
7.17.02-I have got all of my pics on now so thats pretty awesome!hope yall enjoy.
7.16.02- Hey ppl!im officialy on the web now!im glad that it turned out so well.i will chage the pics soon so dont worry bout it.
7.15.02- Hey ya'll. i kno i have like another site going right now but forget about that one.this will be the one ill work on constantly just so u ppl wont be bored when u r on the internet..well lets see what this baby can do...


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