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Hey ya'll.This will be a site about me myself i.....hrm..i luff you and hopefully you already kno that..:)i will talk a/b well...ME!if u are one of my best friends and kno some of this stuff a/b me deal wit it ne ways and read on. after u finish send me ur thoughts to ya.bye.


<----this one kinda looks like me

My Friends-Gotta Luff 'Em


Well..personally i think its sOoOo stupid to have like one best friend so i have lots of goes----->

~Hillary-well..ive known her for only like one year but we are still really close.some ppl find her annoying.of course ppl have their annoying times but she just does it to well make ppl mad.most ppl dislike her a.b one thing or another but i dont care what they think.

~Jerry-me and jerry became close this year.i guess when u sit by him in like 3 classes you talk alot..::cough mrs frogges class cough::he has a twin but we dont talk that much.we trust each other with alot of tings and thats cool.he is like my best guy friend.

~Sarah-lol...well sarah is different but in a good Staci says she is either the blackest white person i kno or either the whitest black person i kno.but thats just sarah for ya.i do sum things that i kno wouldnt be that much fun unless im with her..::cough the dance cough::but we have lots of fun doin whatever it is we are doing.

~Jessica-we met at church and shes really cool.we went to church camp and did alot of fum things.BFUTA!!!lol..but we also can talk a/b stuff that im sure wouldnt be that easy to talk with ne one else a/b.we get along really good.

i have alot of other friends but these are probably the ones im closest sorry if i left u of these days ill do a big long list til then this will have to do..¿k?kay.


What I Like and Hate-this could get interesting :-)


i love: u, me, patrick, MY MOMMA AND MY DADDA(there mom), also my stepdad/big brother/punching bag, chinese food, music, talking to friends, doing things with friends, llinkin park, sum 41, nickelback, blink, penguins, camels, llamas, hot topic, gadzooks, dippin dots, P.O.D., spongebob, roller coasters, water rides, SDC(and for all the right reasons) dancing, unique ppl, basketball, computers, internet, AIM(im addicted), and God.

i hate: preps, ppl who try to be sumthin they aint, bumper cars(dont ask), ppl who brag a/b themselves too much, long car rides, slow computers, games that are pointless, tennis, movies with bad endings, homework, most teachers, satan, ppl who think they are the whole world, wannabe goths, sappy movies, one piece bathing suits, pickles, and i guess thats it.


C/O 0_md_wht.gif7_md_wht.gifBaby!!!!

Cute Quotes


God made mud god made dirt god made guys so girls can flirt.

To the world your just one person but to one person you could mean the world


milk does the body good but how much did you drink?

*§omewhere There'§ §omeone Who Dream§ Of Your §mile, And Find§ In Your Pre§ence That Life I§ Worth While, §o When You Are Lonely, Remember It'§ True: §omebody, §omewhere Is Thinking Of You*

Never start frowning because you never know who's falling in love with your smile :-D

*All you girls think you're tough.

Well all your stuff ain't that rough.

You think you know the deal...

But it's me & my girls who be keepin it real*

Scientists say 1 out of every 4 people is crazy, check 3 friends, if they are okay, you're it.

Know everyone you love but dont love everyone you know

100 memories, 200 jokes, 300 great times, 400 secrets 1 reason..



EVIL is just LIVE spelled backwards

I'm 32% hottie, 15% naughty, 28% fine, 23% that I bet ya wanna be mine, and 2% innocent. It all equals out to 100% of what your man wants!                                          

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<----P.O.D. again

                              <----payable on death (p.o.d.)

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