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ok im gonna talk about my like most favorite person in the world..and where we met...dang this sounds like the beginning of a soap and patrick now its all good..but it wasnt like that when we first met at SDC.well let me back up some.his cousin halie has been in my girl scout troop forever.well him and his mom decided to come with us..well...ok i bad it could it be.well lets just say it wasnt the whole love at first sight kinda thing.he was older so i thought basically that he was gonna be this annoying punk that i would eventually just snap at him for nuthin and from what he told me he said that he thought i was gonna be a snotty prep(im far from it actually if i do say so myself).we drove to SDC that day and i was already feeling pretty crappy.when we got there i was so freakin sick it was not even funny.i threw up like 3 times..that was so not fun at all.when i was in the camper most of the night patrick came and talked to me and so i thought..hrmm..this guy cant be that bad.the next day i felt SO much better and i was so ready to go to SDC.we had to wait for this shuttle thing so that was kinda boring and we listened to the we got their we like started walking around and like we immediately started to eat stuff.i had a frozen lemonade thing and i didnt finish it so i gvae it to cassie but ne ways......................

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