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this is a pretty wondermous picture of them.


another really good picture of them. I will have many more pics in the slideshow.


By: Casey

SLUFY 2002

Nickelback Official Website

ok..this site is about freakin duh right??? i will talk about of their albums and stuff.
  • The Members

The members in Nickelback are

  • Chad Kroeger-lead vocals and guitar
  • Ryan Peake-guitar and vocals
  • Mike Kroeger-bass
  • Ryan "Nik" Vikedal-drums
  • The State

The State was their first album. It was a firecracker debut. The songs "Breathe" and "Leader of Men" were both in the Top 10. Guitarist, Ryan Peake said "The snowball effect of the album was phenomenal. We started doing well in Canada and then the buzz in the States took over. It totally went off the hook and was a great kickstart."

  • Silver Side Up

Silver Side Up was their sophomore album was greatly anticipated. Their hit single "How U Remind Me" was written 15 minutes before they went to studio. "That's the cool thing about making music-sometimes the best comes out totally unexpectedly. That's the cool thing about making music" said Chad Kroeger, singer and guitarist.

  • How They Got The Name

Mike Kroeger, bassist, worked at a Starbuck's and that was the change he regularly gave for coffee(a nickel). The price was $1.95. When he gave the customers their change he said "He is your nickel back."

  • The Lyrics

Further listening to Silver Side Up, you quickly realizes that Chad's lyrics have become far more personal and insightful. “I got so much slack from everyone for writing so metaphorically on the last record,” Chad admits. “I thought that if I kept it all metaphorical and vague, then I could keep it all secret.” Well, the secrets are revealed on Silver Side Up, as Kroeger and company squarely face off with their demons. Kroeger becomes  subdued when discussing “Too Bad.” “That's about my dad,” he says quietly. “The chorus 'It's too bad, there's no time to rewind/Let's walk, let's talk' is about how my father was never around when I was growing up. That's me just wishing that he had been there. It's about the wish to turn back time and to fix things that are completely beyond your control.” Another example is “Never Again” a song inspired by bearing witness to countless broken homes “He's drunk again/It's time to fight/She must have done something wrong tonight/The living room becomes a boxing ring/It's time to run when you see him.” Not only is it one of the more lyrically profound songs, it's also one of the standout tracks musically.



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